Pre-owned men's shirts in Sims Avenue East, East Singapore for sale


MUST SELL ! ! ! Clearing much-needed closet space. Have the following pre-owned men's shirts for sale. All items are in good condition. Seven pieces of long-sleeved business / casual / work-shirts:
Batch One @$30 for FOUR:
ALAIN DELON shirt (colour: white), size 16 - 33
ARROW shirt (colour: white), size 16 - 32
VAN HEUSEN shirt (colour: white), size 15.5 - 39
VAN HEUSEN shirt (colour: light-blue), size 16 - 41
Batch TWO @ $40 for THREE:
RALPH LAUREN 100% cotton shirt (colour: grey), size 15.5 - 34
RALPH LAUREN 100% cotton shirt (colour: blue), size 16.5 - 32
RALPH LAUREN 100% cotton shirt (colour: white), size 16.5 - 32
Prices NEGOTIABLE for purchase by BATCH, just make me a decent offer and it might just be your lucky day. Actual transaction ONLY after buyer's satisfactory inspection of items upon meetup. Strictly cash-&-carry ONLY @Eunos MRT. Email your offers / enquiries DIRECTLY to: