Pre-owned movies on VCDs in Sims Avenue East, East Singapore for sale

Movies & Music

Clearing much-needed storage space! Hundreds of English movies on VCD (with a handful of Chinese movies) to go from a movie-buff's collection spanning the last three decades. A-L-L original stuff, no pirated / bootlegged copies. Like new, as most discs viewed only once or twice. Subject to a minimum purchase of TWENTY movies, prices are as follow:
20 movies and above: S$1.00 per title
50 or more movies: S$0.80 per title
100 or more movies: S$0.50 per title
Cash-&-carry ONLY, @Eunos MRT. Due to ad-space constraints, unable to list out available titles, so please email for the latest, up-to-date title-list, to: